How To Shoes Size

How To Shoes Size

Buying Shoes that fit perfectly can be a huge challenge, especially if you plan on investing a lot of money. First, measuring your foot size is an accurate way to determine the exact size of your shoe.

Although sizes vary by country brand and unit of measure, large companies have somewhat standardized and specific conversion tables. Moreover, it is not too difficult and it will take a few minutes to measure the leg correctly.

Knowing your Shoe Size before you buy saves time in the store and avoids buying a pair you don’t need. Follow the instructions below to follow the shoe size!

How To Measure Shoe Size

  • The easiest and most accurate way to do this is to secure the paper to the ground so it won’t slip.
  • Sit on a chair and put your foot on the paper.
  • Position the pen / marker perpendicular to the paper, not at an angle, so you can subtly outline under your foot.
  • Now draw the feet one by one. There are some differences between two feet wide and two feet long.
  • Now look at the length from heel to longest toe; remember that the big toe is not always the longest.
  • Do the same across the width and measure the widest part of your foot.
  • Write these numbers down. And use more than two.
  • So you have to subtract 3/16 from the number; You must do this to identify the line and the physical shoe.
  • Over time, this will become the size of the shoe.

When you measure your foot relative to your shoes, wear socks because you are wearing them with your shoes.

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