How to Clean Shoes

How to Clean Shoes

Forget worn out shoes with simple cleaning products. This way you can clean your shoes without buying expensive products.

Leather Shoes

The cleanliness of the shoe depends on the material In leather shoes, clean your mouth by rubbing the stains with the same amount of water and vinegar. When the shoes are dry, wipe them with a soft cloth. Buff pulled out a damp cloth soaked in baking soda. Clean the shoes and brush again after they are dry.

Patent Leather Shoes

If your sneakers or patent heels are stained, wipe off the Vaseline with a cotton pad. When they just need a little shine, spray a window cleaner on them to give them a new look.

Suede Shoes

Working in one way with your fingernail or brush, you can accurately paint the sand spots. Once the dirt has been removed from the surface, increase the pressure and wiggle the brush back and forth to remove deep stains. Rub well with a white rubber band if necessary. You can also use a nail file. For very stubborn stains, use vinegar or rubbing alcohol to treat the stain, or elsewhere to lighten the suede. (Don’t worry, they won’t leave a watermark.) Watch out for these creative tips to extend the life of your shoes.

Running Shoes

Remove dirt with the brush and clean the brush. Dip in a teaspoon of detergent mixed with a glass of water. Apply the solution to fabric, mesh, and rubber, but not to foam or leather. Remove the foam with a damp sponge. To stimulate shoe polish, first spray the stains with detergent, then pour them into a thin bag while washing. Clean the area before putting on your shoes.

Canvas Shoes

First, use a clean toothbrush to remove dirt from the shoes and the corners of the fabric. Then use this brush to scrub an even dose of baking soda and dab water on the bottom of your shoes. Then slowly run the washing machine with cold water and add half the detergent you normally use when the washing machine is half full. When it’s three-quarters full, take off your shoes. Allow to dry: using a dryer or ventilation can cause shoes to shrink.

Sheepskin Boots

Gently scrub the residue off the shoe with your nails or a brush. Then remove the stubborn stain with a white eraser. Now clean the outside of the shoe with a damp cloth. Too wet can damage the material. Treat this area well with a 50/50 solution of cold water and pure vinegar. Finally, remove the solution with a damp cloth and fill in the shoe register to keep them in good condition.

Rope Wedges

In the corners of the rope, gently brush the area covered with rope, carpet or padding. Be sure to work in the direction of the rope to avoid friction.

Cork Wedges

First, mix half a liter of hot water with half a cup of white vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing liquid for 30 seconds. Rinse all shoes with the solution, wet the cloth again and straighten the fingers of the small scrubbing wheels. After removing any dirt, wipe the clip with a clean cloth.


If your rubber sandals don’t smell so good when you go to the beach, fill them with hot water. Sprinkle sandals wet with baking soda and let them rest for at least five minutes, then brush them with an old, soft toothbrush. You can even let the washing machine do the dirty work. When visiting cold, sensitive places, use only a small amount of detergent and a glass of vinegar.

White Sneakers

Want to know how to clean dirty shoes? Moisten the cotton ball twice with nail polish or vinegar remover and remove stains from white sneakers. If you need to use bleach, you should dilute it first to prevent your shoes from staining. Use a toothbrush to clean your shoes with a solution of one part bleach and five parts water. Finally, rinse with warm water.